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PA "freedom business" is a type of enterprise designed to provide its owner(s) with a high degree of personal and financial freedom. Unlike traditional businesses that may require a significant time investment and ongoing management, a freedom business is structured to operate with minimal day-to-day involvement from its owner(s), allowing them to enjoy more flexibility, autonomy, and leisure time.

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts. In simple terms, it's a way for individuals or companies to earn a commission by promoting someone else's product or service.
While affiliate marketing is accessible to anyone, not everyone will find success in it. Like any business endeavor, it requires effort, strategy, and sometimes a bit of luck to generate significant income.

There are several reasons why someone might consider getting involved in affiliate marketing:
1. Low startup costs: Affiliate marketing typically requires minimal upfront investment. You don't need to create your own product or service, handle inventory, or manage customer service.
2. Passive income potential: Once you've set up your affiliate links and promotional channels, you can potentially earn passive income as long as people continue to click on your links and make purchases.
3. Flexible work schedule: Affiliate marketing allows you to work on your own schedule from anywhere with an internet connection.
4. No customer support: As an affiliate marketer, you're not responsible for handling customer inquiries, complaints, or returns.
5. Unlimited earning potential: There's no cap on how much you can earn with affiliate marketing. Your income is directly proportional to the effort you put into promoting products.

Selling digital products in affiliate marketing can offer several advantages over physical products:
1. Instant delivery: Digital products can be delivered instantly to the customer upon purchase, which means there's no need to worry about shipping or fulfillment times.
2. No inventory management: Unlike physical products, digital products don't require inventory management or storage space.
3. Higher profit margins: Since there are no manufacturing, shipping, or storage costs associated with digital products, the profit margins tend to be higher.
4. Scalability: Digital products can be replicated infinitely without incurring additional production costs.

No, with 100’s of new businesses with affiliate programs launching every single day across the world - there is a nearly limitless number of types of products & services that can be sold.

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