vs , what is the difference? Are jetset members with or without super affiliate system course able to log in to the ?




  • Joyce Nichols

    How do I sign on to amazon as an affiliate? Also do I have to pay a fee to do this?

  • David Kennedy

    How can I verify what courses and modules I signed up for? Also, I don't understand what I need. There has been so much presented and I purchased several items. For example, ClickBank appears to have the same type of tools as Voluum. Then I cannot find anywhere where the Process is charted or written out end to end. This would surely make life easier for us. Finally, my interview for 1 on 1 is not until Oct 4th. Most of my free stuff will be gone or nearly so by then.I want to get going but there is (in my alleged mind) several gaps near then end like setting up my Bluehost site and filling it with ads. 

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